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Why a Greenhouse is a Perfect Gift for the Holidays! - Grassroots Greenhouses

Why a Greenhouse is a Perfect Gift for the Holidays!

It is no secret that plants have been known for their healing and even medicinal properties for centuries now. The Biophilia Hypothesis confirms this. It’s a theory which suggests that humans are inherently drawn to seek out connections to nature and plants, and it makes sense because humans have lived in and evolved with nature for nearly seven million years. Being isolated from nature has had a drastic impact on our well-being, so planting or maintaining a garden can be very beneficial for everyone, whether you live in the urban cities or the countryside. Not only is it considered an exercise, it also stimulates happy hormones, and combats loneliness and isolation, just to name a few. 

With the holiday season and Christmas fast approaching, people want their gifts to be meaningful and at the same time functional.  Gift giving is certainly a selfless act which we can perform for people we love and care for, but when we give a gift while having the environment in mind, then the gift becomes even more special and thoughtful. Sustainable gift giving just makes sense in more ways than one, so here are 5 reasons why a greenhouse makes a perfect gift for the holidays (or any day for that matter!)  

  • Plants Make People Happy 

  • Have you ever looked at a plant, or stood amidst a garden, and felt nothing but peace and happiness? Well, you’re not alone. In a study conducted by the new University of Technology in Sydney, researchers added plants to the office environment to see how their presence impacted employees. They found that the presence of the plants decreased anxiety by 37%, feelings of hostility by 44%, and feelings of depression by 58%. The plants even reduced fatigue by 38%. Plants definitely heal us – in mind, body and spirit, and the recipient of your gift will be very grateful to you for that! 

  • An Opportunity To Explore A New Hobby 

  • Owning and growing plants in a greenhouse is not just for the seasoned growers. It is for everyone. So, when you gift someone a greenhouse, you are giving them not just the greenhouse itself, but more importantly, an opportunity to explore a new hobby, which they may end up loving! Nothing feels more fulfilling than seeing our loved ones happy in their newly discovered hobby. 

  • Growing Their Own Food & Vegetables 

  • When you give someone a greenhouse, you are giving them a chance to grow their own food. Your loved ones will definitely save a lot of money by doing this, and not only that, it will help them eat more fruits and vegetables. It will also allow them to control when to harvest their food because vegetables that ripen in the garden have more nutrients than store-bought produce that must be picked early, so ultimately, you are encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle! 

  • Gardening Is A LOT Of Exercise 

  • Gardening may not seem much at first, but when you think of it, all that shoveling, lifting, digging, raking, and weeding – it’s definitely enough to increase a person’s heart rate and even burn calories! So, whether the greenhouse is for your parents, relative, significant other, or even a friend, you can be sure that when they go out in the yard and start puttering in the greenhouse, they are getting a whole-body exercise which is absolutely good for their health! 

  • Less Time With Technology, More Time Being Present 

  • In this day and age, social media has not only become a habitual matter, it has now become part of our daily lives. There’s nothing wrong with that, but more and more people nowadays forget just how many hours they spend on their devices. You are helping the recipient of your gift break that cycle. When they begin to do this regularly, it will eventually feel more natural to them to spend their days under the sun rather than scrolling through their phones. It also helps them practice mindfulness and being present in what they are doing! 

    We could go on and on about the multitude of benefits of owning a greenhouse, but it all comes down to making kinder choices for the longevity of our planet, which essentially starts from within. Planting trees and growing plants in your greenhouse is a great instrument for anyone to develop and practice kindness towards the only home that we have, and thus, by gifting someone a greenhouse, you are not only changing one life, you are also influencing others to tread the same path of empathy and kindness for Mother Nature. 

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