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FREE Shipping until 10/31/2021!


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Waiting on a part

So far I’m thinking I’ve got a great greenhouse. Very attractive and once I get plants in for the winter, I’ll be a better judge. I was missing a part-through no fault of riverstone— and asked them to ship me 2, and received 1. I haven’t heard back yet
Whoever can put this together in 2 days with 2 people must be a genius !

No enough. Power

I thought the ecoflo max was more powerful than ecoflo pro. I only plugged in a small portable heater to use while camping, and the unit drained down to 40% after ten minutes. I do not understand how it can power multiple devices. It would have charged in less than 2 hrs, but I had to switch plugs because it caused the house box to trip. It is easy to carry an doesn't take up much space. It just doesn't seem to have the power capacity described.


...perfect for the rolling brown-outs in our area!

Never used it yet

Excellent experience dealing with Grassroots Greenhouses

My order was filled in a timely manner and enjoy the Eco Flow Delta

Thank you for writing a review! We are so glad you are enjoying your EcoFlow Delta.

Big power in small box

It ran a sump pump, a fridge, my laptops and phones. It even charged my EV. Pretty cool

Thank you for sharing your experience! We really appreciate your business.

Too early to evaluate

Too early to evaluate.
Charged with 110, have not used solar yet.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review! We appreciate your business.

EcoFlow Delta 160W Solar Panels and Ecoflow Delta 1300 Power Station

Hello again I'm writing to thank you so much for my order the Ecoflow Delta power station and the 160W Solar Panels are everything and more as I expected them to be and a big thank you to Gia for all her help for getting my order to me on time she gave me her word and she came through for me thank you and all that made my buying experience a breeze I'm ready for any power loss thanks to Grassroots Greenhouse.

I love it and my husband is impressed as well! I put it together myself with only needing help putting the back top panel in and my husband drilled the holes in the cement to secure the base. I added a fake grass carpet and a plant potting stand and it really looks nice.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Lynne! We appreciate your business.

Sturdy way to Collect What Mother Nature Provides!

The stand is a robust addition to their outstanding barrel! It provides just the right amount of height to dip a bucket under if needed. Overall a worthy addition to a noble purchase.

Thank you very much for the review! We appreciate your business and are so pleased you are happy with your purchase.

Still putting this togethrr

ThIs will be a lovely greenhouse ! I had a concrete slab already there and the men are putting it out so they just can grab and build

Thank you for the five star review Debi! We really appreciate it so much and can't wait to see what you do with your beautiful orchids in this greenhouse. Happy growing!

Great Solar Cooler

Got this 50qt cooler for camping and it works great. Shipping time was pretty good. I think it only took about a week from purchase to delivery. The cooler arrived and the battery had plenty enough charge to get up and running quickly. The unit is pretty efficient and was cooled from about 90⁰ ambient temperature down to 34⁰ in 45 minutes or less. Plugged in the solar panel and it charged right up. I bought an extra battery "just in case" but haven't really needed it. The battery lasts long enough to keep the cooler going overnight and then some. It is a small space to fit your food into but I was able to pack 3-5 days worth of food for 2 people (not including beverages). The cooler kept everything as cold as I asked it to. I am very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend to anyone looking to go "ice-less".

Thank you for writing such a descriptive review! We really appreciate your business and are so pleased that you are happy with your experience and the purchase.

RTS Oak Rain Barrel
David Varner
Free water!

Great rain barrel, robust construction and appealing looks, contribute to this environmental-friendly product! Save money, save water, use what nature provides from the sky! Win,win,win!

Thank you so much for writing a review and for being a part of the sustainable movement!

Best composter ever!

We filled one aerobin with the remnants of a compost pile plus kitchen scraps and yard waste (we have poultry). Just got a second aerobin and its just as awesome as the first: easy assembly, no vermin can get into it, and the compost is warm and odor-free! We placed ours up on 4 cement blocks each, thereby allowing great access to the lower doors and tea spigot. The aerobin comes with a helpful list of things you can compost. Our aerobins are a great addition to our poultry area and gardens!

Thank you so much for the great review! We are pleased to hear you are loving your new composter!

I was happy with the fast shipping and the product it self!

Thank you for taking the time to write a review! We appreciate you and are so glad you are happy with your purchase.

RTS Mud Rain Barrel
Lawrence Klobutcher
All that I expected

Barrel arrived quickly and works perfectly. Very pleased.

Not up and going.

It has taken quite a while to go through all the boxes. Some parts are labeled, some are not. Several smaller items were missing. I emailed that and most of it was resent quickly. However, I did not get everything yet and received some extra parts that are not needed.... at least I didn't reorder them. hard to know until we actually get it all and can put it together!

No problems at all

It is quite small and lightweight, very portable. I used it for a Powerpoint presentation I was giving in a location with no power. I plugged a large monitor into it and ran the laptop off its internal power. The laptop ran out of power after 5 hours but the power station was still powering the monitor. It worked fine.

It took me over a year of comparing to make this choice, well done

I wanted this box to use with several battery chargers and devices that I have in a storage unit because electricity is not provided. I only charged the box up once since January the 29th and it's only down to 80%, 9 days later. This multi functional charging box exceeds my expectations. The app is very useful. I purchased another battery when I bought the Ecoflow box. Money well spent. If you want your money worth don't put it off any longer and buy the Ecoflow unit.

Stop looking! Just buy it!

Well worth the money. I tested this product with a 24 led monitor with a micro computer attached to it and ran Netflix. It lasted for 6 hours with no problem. With just the monitor is ran for about 7.5 hours. It did very well as we use it for our trade shows and its a champ were going to buy the extended battery to boost the run time. Definitely a great little machine.

Power without hassles

We use this more than we thought we would. We originally purchased for softball tournaments, and it has been fabulous. We have fans, phones, and a tv hooked up and it lasts all day. When the girls hear the loud gas generators near us they laugh at how nice out silent generator is. It allows them to have a fan blowing on them in the dug out without any noise. Then we started using it outside at home. Then end of extension cords. The great thing is that it is light weight and so so portable. If you want power without hassles this is perfect.

Good little unit to have

This is quite an interesting product after I like the ecoflow delta. So I decided to buy this one as an emergency unit as well like power outage. I tested this on a fridge to see how long it will power it and it shows about 2 hours or so but the hours may change after a few minutes like the delta it shows 7 hours but after a while it shows between 9-11 hours and this small may show 3-5 hours after a while instead of 2 hours but still good to have one of these units. The only thing that I noticed is that this unit is not in dark gray color like in the picture, it's actually in black color like a little darker then the delta and I will like it more if it had the same color as the delta but doesn't bother me that much. All-in-all these is still an interesting product to own and I may buy the extra battery for it on a later date and will focus on buying a solar panel instead. Also before I forget this unit also uses the same charger as the delta. Update: I decided to test this out with a tv since that's what people like or would like to see. So a 32inch 1080p tv and a nvidia shield tv with external hard drives connected to it both devices connected to this unit and it estimated time is about 10 hours not bad right, honestly I don't regret this purchase.

Easy to set up and use. Well designed and made.

The ECOFLOW RIVER Pro Portable Power Station is easy and fun to use along with the ECOFLOW 110W Portable Solar Panel. Once connected to either the solar panel or to AC, on the Power Station display, the charge can be easily monitored. Early testing shows that this is a well designed and made durable product. This can provide enough wattage for our coffee maker and a number of other devices, including a circulator pump for a hot water system. The station will collect energy and turn off automatically when it is done. The internal logic pretty much takes care of everything else. One note, the cooling fan stays on while plugged into the AC power supply even when the battery is fully charged. Just unplug to turn off the fan.

5 stars, no doubt.

This generator is 5 stars, disregard all negative reviews. This is coming from someone who believes in horsepower. I have a 9000w Predator generator, and RV. Power and ease of use is essential. This is lightyears better than any other battery powered station. I just plugged into my RV, and everything is perfect. Tons of power. Runs toaster, air conditioner, and sawzall no problem. Can charge RV battery, run fridge, does anything. Super quiet (even with fans on), disregard anyone who says it is too loud.