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A Little Powerhouse!

Just recently I received my new Ecoflow DELTA Mini Solar Generator within a few days of ordering it. I was going to use it as an emergency backup supply in case of a power outage but just today, I needed to do some yard work and prune a big tree with an electric chain saw pole. Since I don't have an outside electric outlet, I decided to try out my new DELTA mini. It worked like a charm. The chain saw was one of those SUN JOE saws that operates at 6.5 amps. With 120 volts it equals about 780 watts. THE DELTA mini handled it flawlessly. I'm quite happy with so far and love the fact that it's very portable and easy to carry around and yet be able to handle the big stuff when you need it.

Hi Donna! Thank you for leaving a fantastic review! We are so happy to hear about the great experience you had with the DELTA Mini Solar Generator. Have a nice day ahead!

Satisfying Finished Product - Challenging Assembly

My wife and I purchased and assembled the Riverstone Premium Greenhouse | 8x16.
We are overall pleased the finished product, but found assembly extremely frustrating. Notwithstanding the difficulty we experienced, I still strongly recommend the greenhouse.
Here are a few pearls from our experience:

- Patients, patients, patients; the assembly can be tricky. We benefited from having one person direct the assembly based on the instructions/ the other person provided the second set of eyes to verify instructions

- check for square after you install each panel; the extra step will prevent rework.

Sustained wind / wind gusts greater than 5 miles per hour will seriously undermine construction.

- A spray bottle containing water/ dishwashing liquid will make installing the panels much easier (especially the roof panels).

- Outstanding customer support. If you are having difficulty/ missing any parts - contact the company for an immediate response.

- Reason for 4 stars instead of 5 stars:
- a part was missing and had to be requested
- the latch that is supposed to secure the door will not align
- instructions are difficult and could be improved with supporting text
- measurements for the placement of the door hinges and for the length of cut for the 2x4 used to support the roof ridge were not accurate and caused rework ( reposition hinges / wasted 2x4 (cut too short).
- deviations from the instructions were necessary I order to complete the roof construction.

Hi Christopher! Thank you so much for your thoughtful and detailed review. This is incredibly helpful! I wanted to let you know we've taken the good and the bad elements you've mentioned in your review to heart. Thank you again for taking the time to share your experience with us. I hope you have a great day ahead!

So far I have not taken out of the boxes to work on the foundation. And wait for Stop raining to put the greenhouse up

Hi Mark! We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. We look forward to seeing you again in the future! Have a great day ahead!

Palram - Canopia Glory Greenhouse | 8 x 8

Greenhouse arrived very quickly, is very sturdy/ good quality. Instructions were very easy to follow and was easy to put together. I am very pleased with it and look forward to all the things I'm going to grow in it!!

Thank you for your review, we are so glad you've had a good experience. Happy growing!



Thank you for your feedback Donald! We really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and know you will love your Monticello greenhouse for many years. Happy growing!

High quality!

Partial tests in good conditions look promising. This appears to be a well made high quality power solution. I will add to my review once I test the solar power. Feeling good about it.

Thank you for sharing Deanna! The EcoFlow Delta is a great solution and we know you will enjoy having it around.

My work benches are boxed up as the weather here in Central Maryland does not allow me to build the greenhouse yet.


this is great back up power.

The greenhouse is still in boxes in my garage as the weather here in central Maryland is not conducive to building the greenhouse these days.

Great Product

Great Product instructions need to be more detailed on door installation and hinge placement

Thank you for leaving a review Walter! We hope you enjoy your greenhouse for many years.

wny greenhouse

well the greenhouse was delivered very quickly..
here in Western New York ..we get alot of snow.. so when the greenhouse got here so fast. I was anxious to put it up before we got any lake effect snows..
the building was all laid out and inventory of everything was done.
the 1st day we only had a few hours to work on it.but had managed to get our boards and metal base down. the uprights went up pretty fast.
the instructions could have more text to them.. following by pictures can be hard to follow..
also. the T bolts can also be a little to much as well. although every part of this build uses them . so there are hundreds of
I also was surprised to see I had to attach vents by screws threw the poly glass..I only put one vent opener in for now.. we won't be using the greenhouse to start plants for another month or so here..
I'll be attaching the counters or benches this week and moving my soil and pots to get ready for planting ..

it's all up.. we finished the greenhouse about an hour after the snow started to fall.
I've had to clean the snow off it a couple times a day so far..I found a long handled push broom works great for this..just make sure your not letting the broom fall hard on top of the poly top..
I am hoping the snow will be a little less built up once I get the heater I ordered on line..

I would have given 5 stars except for the direction being hard to follow..also. 2 days to build took us a couple extra days and a person who was familiar with this type of build might be able to do this in 2 days even considering the weather factor.but it's up.. it looks awesome and I can't wait to start using it..

thank you for such great service and attention to my needs when I called for assistance with the vent openers call was returned in minutes..

Lauren, thank you for writing such a detailed review! We sincerely appreciate the feedback and are so excited for you to start growing and enjoying the fruits of your labor! The greenhouse looks lovely on your property, thank you for sharing the photos.

Three week project

I like the product but it needs a little more quality control, the spacer bar was an 1/8” short so by the time I reached the other end of the first wall I was 3/4” short if the panels were closer to the right size in my opinion that wouldn’t have happened (so I had to backtrack and stretch the wall out on each section) would also put in the book to install inside and outside bottom brackets on F1s I had a wall blow down while I was making up more T-bolts to install outside brackets. Plus the roof was an 1/8-3/16” inch out of plumb and don’t think that would have happened either if the panels were cut a little closer to the right size, the end panels were too short on the gable ends I had to split the difference on the gap on the ones over the doors if you pushed them down all the way there was a 3/16” crack down the top side. I plumb the ends but with the top uprights being separate they were leaning a little. If I had to build it again, I know how to do it the right way. The book is really not clear on some of the things that should be done and you really need to put a little more information in it to help the people assembling the greenhouse and the buyer shouldn’t have to check all the parts and pieces to make sure they are the right length and size to a kit that expensive. Over all product is good but if I were just a normal average person that ordered one it would be a rough go on getting it together (would have probably given up), I had a transit to level the ground and wood base and leveled and measured each section on the base and centered the panels the best I could (after I found that the spacer bar was short also started putting inside and outside bottom brackets) but would have done that to the roof too if it would have been in the book to check that, it was leaning a bit (maybe an 1/8-3/16”) when I finished. Just trying to be as honest as I can, may buy another one in the future and hope this helps with more quality control and a more user friendly book. Was a little worried after assembly the next day also the weathermen were calling for 65mph winds we had 70mph winds and it’s still there. So pretty impressed Thanks hope this helps someone, oh one mor thing there was no information whatsoever on installing the heater as far as best location I installed mine next to the door on a bracket I made out of wood. To me there should have been one in the kit.

Hi Ricky, thank you for your honest review. We are aware the directions can sometimes be hard to follow, which is why we send out an email with all the helpful guides on those difficult parts of installation. A new product manual is actually in the works based on customer feedback and should be available sometime around the new year, we are hoping this will help customers going forward to not have any issues with installation, but the after hours line is always available to help with installation questions! Thank you for taking the time to write a review.

EcoFlow DELTA Mini Solar Generator

EcoFlow DELTA Max Solar Generator + 3 x 160W Solar Panels?

I haven't hooked up the panels yet but system works well, decided to expand to the max by adding 2 more Smart Batteries, Should be ready for the storm when it comes. Robert aka ...Remnant2u...

Green house Monticello

Some holes were not drilled would need drill motor and bits. Instructions could be better with a few sentences. Overall everything good quality products would recommend

Thank you for sharing thoughts Arthur! We appreciate you taking the time. We hope you enjoy your Monticello greenhouse for many years.

Eager to Use

Out new greenhouse is everything we hoped to have with our first greenhouse. The Monticello Premium Greenhouse is well constructed and offers many features that we are excited to have included with the product. We did contract with a builder to construct our greenhouse and were well satisfied with the overall structure. The Riverstone Company was quick to respond to any questions on the product as well as Grassroots Greenhouse, We would recommend these companies to anyone.

Thank you so much for sharing your review Judy! We are so pleased to hear that the Monticello is living up to your expectations and wish you the best of luck with your growing!

Riverstone Monticello Mojave Greenhouse | 8 x 20

Thank you for sharing your review Jeanette!

Waiting on a part

So far I’m thinking I’ve got a great greenhouse. Very attractive and once I get plants in for the winter, I’ll be a better judge. I was missing a part-through no fault of riverstone— and asked them to ship me 2, and received 1. I haven’t heard back yet
Whoever can put this together in 2 days with 2 people must be a genius !

No enough. Power

I thought the ecoflo max was more powerful than ecoflo pro. I only plugged in a small portable heater to use while camping, and the unit drained down to 40% after ten minutes. I do not understand how it can power multiple devices. It would have charged in less than 2 hrs, but I had to switch plugs because it caused the house box to trip. It is easy to carry an doesn't take up much space. It just doesn't seem to have the power capacity described.


...perfect for the rolling brown-outs in our area!

Never used it yet

Excellent experience dealing with Grassroots Greenhouses

My order was filled in a timely manner and enjoy the Eco Flow Delta

Thank you for writing a review! We are so glad you are enjoying your EcoFlow Delta.

Big power in small box

It ran a sump pump, a fridge, my laptops and phones. It even charged my EV. Pretty cool

Thank you for sharing your experience! We really appreciate your business.

Too early to evaluate

Too early to evaluate.
Charged with 110, have not used solar yet.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review! We appreciate your business.