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Free Shipping & No Sales Tax Outside of Texas!!
Free Shipping & No Sales Tax Outside of Texas!!

EcoFlow Smart Generator (Dual Fuel)

by EcoFlow
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Introducing the ultimate backup power solution to accompany your portable power station (DELTA Pro/Max/Power Kits). The EcoFlow Smart Generator, now with dual fuel support. It's smarter, and with propane it's more efficient, and more intuitive than the rest, all while integrating seamlessly with your EcoFlow DELTA Max, Pro & Power Kits.

✔️ Huge capacity for worry-free backup: 20kWh capacity with a standard portable LPG tank* for your DELTA Pro, DELTA Max and Power Kits
✔️ Use your fuel in an economical way: Save 40% fuel by connecting with your DELTA Pro & DELTA Max; auto start & stop the generator to avoid fuel wastage
Remotely control with your app at ease: digitally integrated with your EcoFlow App by remote start, ECO mode switch, AC charging ON&OFF, and control DC output
✔️ 4 ways of easy start customized for any scenario: Electric start, Auto start, app start, manual start
✔️ 5 alerts for ultimate protection: CO alert, fuel alert, engine oil alert, temperature alert, overload avoidance
✔️ Real-time monitor on LCD screen & App: real-time running specs shown on LCD screen & App about the fuel level, alerts

✔️ Jumpstart your LPG power backup with seamless design: Built-in regulator for easier carrying, Plug-and-Play LPG inlet, Automated LPG mode switch

✔️ Maintenance and noise made easy: as quiet as 56dB in 7m distance; designed for easy maintenance

Keep your appliances running 
without grid or solar power with the NEW Smart Generator (Dual Fuel)! It offers not just 4L/1.05 gal. gasoline generating 5.4kWh at the output of 1800W, but even up to 20kWh with LPG*. LPG serves as a new energy source under emergency whenever solar power is not available. The charging time for your DELTA Max is 1.8 hours and your DELTA Pro is 2.7 hours.  

Use your fuel in an economical way Save 40% fuel by connecting with your DELTA Pro & DELTA Max! Auto start & stop the generator to reduce fuel wastage, emission and noise. Let Smart Generator do its thing, saving you time and fuel, also preventing you from extra emission and noise. The high capacity portable power backup solution – EcoFlow DELTA Pro or DELTA Max connected with Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) saves you 40% of fuel than traditional portable power backup combination. When your DELTA Pro or Max is down to 20% capacity, the Smart Generator automatically kicks in. Once maxed out, the engine shuts down to avoid extra fuel waste. 

Four easy ways for most of your scenarios. Stay powered on at any time, using four easy ways to start the EcoFlow Smart Generator (Dual Fuel). If you’re close to the unit, you can turn it on via electric or manual start. In emergencies, when you can’t go outdoors, you can turn the product on with the EcoFlow App. And for an added layer of power security and efficiency, the smart generator automatically turns on and off when your unit reaches a designated battery limit.

Monitor & Control Your Generator with APP. Control and monitor the Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) in real-time using the built-in LCD screen and EcoFlow App. Check the remaining fuel level, LPG consumption, output, and run time directly on the generator’s display when you’re nearby. For even more control, use the app to adjust charging settings, switch to ECO mode, start and shut down the generator, and even check maintenance reminders.

5 alerts for your ultimate protection. With a host of integrated safety alerts, Smart Generator keeps you safe and energy conscious. The CO alert detects high levels of carbon monoxide; fuel alert warns you when levels are low; temperature protection protects the engine lifecycle from extreme conditions; oil alert shuts the machine automatically; overload avoidance alerts you then restarts when the machine is overloaded. 

Seamless settings for LPG & easy maintenance. Leave spanners, simply plug in the LPG hose into the Plug-and-Play LPG inlet to start your LPG experience. The machine will switch from gas to LPG mode automatically. In emergency, seamless settings make you so much more at ease. A removable maintenance cover makes wiring and hardware easily accessible, so repairs and oil changes can be done in a flash.

What's Included:

    • Smart Generator (Dual Fuel)
    • User Manual and Warranty Card
    • Extra Battery Connection Cable
    • Oil Funnel 
    • Screwdriver
    • Spark Plug Socket
    • Breaker Bar
    • Double-Ended Spanner
    • LPG Hose
    • Free Shipping From The USA
    • 2 Year Warranty (5 years if registered within 30 days)


    • Product NameEcoFlow Smart Generator (Dual Fuel)
    • Type: Inverter Generator 
    • Generator Technology: Dual fuel, DC&AC output, Inverter, Auto start & stop, App control, CO alert
    • Frequency: 120V / 60 Hz
    • Rated Power (AC & DC): Gas - 1800W (1900 peak) 
    •                                           LPG - 1600W (1700 peak) 
    • DC Output: 42~60V, Max 32A 
    • Start Type: Electric start, auto start, app start, manual start
    • Alerts: CO alert, fuel alert, oil alert, overload protection, temperature protection, circuit protection
    • Continuous Operation Time: Gas: 3.5 Hours (full load), LPG (propane): 13 Hours (full load with 20lb propane tank)
    • Engine Type: Four-stroke, forced-air cooling
    • Engine Displacement: 80 CC
    • LDC Display: YES 
    • CO Shield: YES 
    • Low Oil Shut-off: YES 
    • Type of Fuel: Gasoline, LPG (propane)
    • Volume of Fuel Tank: 4.0 L/1.05 gal. 
    • Noise Level (at 7 meters): 56-67 dB (full load) 
    • Dimension: 597 x 300 x 457 mm/23.5 x 11.8 x 18.7 in
    • Weight: Approx. 30.5kg (33.5kg when full tank)
    • What's in the box: Smart Generator (Dual Fuel), User Manual and Warranty Card, Extra Battery Connection Cable, Oil Funnel, Screwdriver, Spark Plug Socket, Breaker Bar, Double-Ended Spanner, LPG Hose


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