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FREE Shipping until 10/31/2021!
FREE Shipping until 10/31/2021!

EcoFlow RIVER Pro With Extra Battery + 1x 110W Solar Panel

by EcoFlow

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The EcoFlow RIVER series is compact and portable, making it ideal for recreational use. Whether you are camping, boating, tailgating, living off grid, or just hanging out at home, RIVER provides handy outlets wherever you need them.

Double capacity with the RIVER Pro extra battery! River Pro has a capacity of 720Wh that becomes 1440Wh with the included extra battery, giving you the freedom to customize your power for any adventure. 

RIVER Pro is safe to use inside your home or RV - it's quiet, produces no fumes or pollution, and comes fully charged and ready to use. Whether you are off grid, experiencing a power outage at home, or just want to use renewable energy as often as possible, RIVER is ready to be your lifeline. 

✔️ Recharge from 0% to 100% in 1.6 hours using AC outlet
✔️ Power 10 devices simultaneously
✔️ 3x 600W outlets & 720Wh capacity
✔️ Extra battery allows you to go from 720Wh to 1440Wh

✔️ Power up to 1800W with X-Boost mode

✔️ Multiple charging options (AC, Solar, Car)
✔️ Compact & portable - 15.9lbs with an easy carry handle
✔️ Handy control using the EcoFlow app

Get off the grid with the EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel! Made up of efficient monocrystalline silicon cells, it can recharge RIVER Pro and other devices in record time. It comes with a carrying case and weighs only 13lbs making it ideal for portability and ease of use.

️ Kickstand panel
️ Water proof & durable design
️ Foldable & comes with a carrying case
️ High compatibility - works with most devices

What can the RIVER Pro power?

What's Included?

  • EcoFlow RIVER Pro Portable Power Station
  • EcoFlow RIVER Pro Extra Battery
  • Expansion Power Cable
  • DC5521-DC5525 Cable
  • 1.5m (5ft) Solar Panel Charging Cable 
  • 1.5m (5ft) AC Charging Cable
  • 1.5m (5ft) Car Charging Cable
  • 1x 110W Solar Panel
  • 1x 110W Solar Panel Bag
  • User Manual for 110W Solar Panel
  • User Manual for RIVER Pro
  • Free Shipping From The USA
  • 2 Year Warranty

**Get Free, Renewable Energy Whenever and Wherever You Want With this Solar Kit**


What are the benefits of using RIVER Pro?

Clean and Renewable Energy - Charge RIVER Pro anywhere using clean solar energy, two solar panels can recharge RIVER Pro in 4.5-9 hrs. RIVER Pro does not cause pollution, uses no gas, has little noise, and is safe to use indoors.

X-Boost Smart Algorithm - The X-Boost technology gives you the ability to use the 600W inverter to power essential devices and tools up to 1800W. (use x-boost with devices below 1200W for the best user experience)

Power Outages - If your power goes out during a storm you can use RIVER Pro to keep your essential devices up and running for hours.

Multiple Charging Options - If there is no sun you can charge RIVER Pro using a regular outlet. If you are off grid or the power is out you can also charge using the car!

Fastest Charging - With EcoFlow's X-stream technology, RIVER Pro can go from 0% to 100% in 1.6 hours which is way faster than other solar generators on the market.

Compact and Portable - With the easy to carry handle and only 15.9lb weight, RIVER Pro gives you the power to take your adventure anywhere.

Power that Grows With You - From a solo trip to a group camping trip RIVER Pro has the power that unleashes your adventures! For more power heavy applications add the extra battery and double the capacity to 1440Wh. Battery included with your order.

Shelf Life - RIVER Pro has a ONE YEAR shelf life when fully charged so you can be prepared for anything.

Add Solar Power to Your Next Adventure with EcoFlow RIVER Pro!


EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel

New waterproof design - Designed for the great outdoors, waterproof panels mean you can use them anywhere!
Freely adjustable kickstand - adjust between 0-180 degrees increasing your solar energy by 22% and connect multiple panels without overlap for max efficiency. 
1.5m solar charging cable - place your panels up to 5ft away from the RIVER Pro
Use it while its charging - get renewable energy from RIVER Pro while the solar panels are charging it! No need to wait for a full charge.
0.2mm ETFE film - protects the surface from ultra-violet light and prolongs the life of the panels.

Charging Times to 100% With Solar Panels
1x 110W -  9 -16hrs
2x 110W - 4.5-9hrs
1x 160W - 7.5-15hrs


General Info
Net Weight *15.9 lbs (7.2kg)
Dimension *11.4 x 7.1 x 9.3 in (28.9 x 18.0 x 23.5 cm)                                                                                   
Charge Temperature 32-113°F +/- 5°F (0-45°C +/- 3°C)
Discharge Temperature -4-113°F +/- 5°F (-20-45°C +/- 3°C)                                                                                              
Color  Cyber Black 
Warranty 24 months
Charge Method AC Wall Outlet, 12V Car Adaptor, Solar Panel 
Full Recharge Time 1.6 Hours (AC)
6.5 Hours (12/24V Car Adaptor)
4.5-9 Hours (Using 2x110W Solar Panels in parallel with full sun)
7.5-15 Hours (Using 1x160W Solar Panel with full sun)            
Battery Info
Capacity 720Wh (28.8V)
Cell Chemistry Lithium-ion
Shelf Life 1 year (after fully charged)
Cycle Life 800 cycles to 80%+ capacity
Management Systems BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, 
Over Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection                                                       
Low Temperature Protection, Low Voltage Protection,   
Overcurrent Protection
Testing and certification UL Standard, CE, FCC, RoHS, RCM
Input Ports
AC Charge Input Power X-Stream Charge 660W Max
AC Charge Input Voltage 100-120Vac(50Hz/60Hz); International Version 220-240Vac(50Hz/60Hz)                                 
Solar Charge Input 200W 10-25Vdc 12A Max
Car Charger 12Vdc 8A Max
Output Ports
AC Output (x3) 600W (Surge 1200W) total,120Vac( 50Hz/60Hz) 
USB-A Output (x2) 5Vdc, 2.4A, 12W Max, per port
USB-A Fast Charge (x1) 5Vdc, 9Vdc, 12Vdc, 2.4A, 28W Max
USB-C Output (x1) 5Vdc, 9Vdc, 12Vdc, 15Vdc, 20Vdc, 5A, 100W Max                                                       
Car Power Output (x1)  136W, 13.6Vdc, 10A Max
DC5521 Output (x2) 13.6Vdc, 3A Max, per port


Specifications For Extra Battery

General Info
Net Weight 15.4lbs (7kg)
Dimension 11.3x 7.1 x 8.3 in (28.8 x 18 x 21 cm)                                                                                   
Charge Temperature 32-113°F +/- 5°F (0-45°C +/- 3°C)
Discharge Temperature -4-140°F +/- 5°F (-20-60°C +/- 3°C)
Color  Black 
Warranty 24 months
Battery Info
Capacity 720Wh (28.8V)
Cell Chemistry Lithium-ion
Shelf Life 1 year (after fully charged)
Cycle Life 800 Cycles to 80% capacity                                          
Expansion Power Port 24.4V - 33.6V, 720W Max                                                                                        
Expansion Power Port 33.6V, 660W Max   

Specifications of 110W Solar Panel

Unfolded Dimensions
20.2*62.5*1.0 in (51.4*158*2.4 cm)
Folded Dimensions
20.2*16.5*1.0 in  (51.4*42*2.4 cm)
Weight 13.2 lb(6KG)  Solar Panel 8.8lb (4KG)
Warranty 12 Months
Rated Power 110W(+/-5W)*
Efficiency 21%-22%
Connector Type MC4
Open Circuit Voltage  21.7V(Vmp 18.5V)
Short Circuit Current  6.3A(Imp 6.0A)
Cell Type Monocrystalline Silicon 
Operating & Storage Temperature -4° F to 185° F (-20° C to 85° C)                                                                 


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Affirm is available only to shoppers residing in the United States. Affirm hopes to expand its services to customers outside the U.S. in the future.

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This APR calculator will give you an idea of how much interest you actually pay:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Shae Sison


Power without hassles

We use this more than we thought we would. We originally purchased for softball tournaments, and it has been fabulous. We have fans, phones, and a tv hooked up and it lasts all day. When the girls hear the loud gas generators near us they laugh at how nice out silent generator is. It allows them to have a fan blowing on them in the dug out without any noise. Then we started using it outside at home. Then end of extension cords. The great thing is that it is light weight and so so portable. If you want power without hassles this is perfect.

Raven Knight
Good little unit to have

This is quite an interesting product after I like the ecoflow delta. So I decided to buy this one as an emergency unit as well like power outage. I tested this on a fridge to see how long it will power it and it shows about 2 hours or so but the hours may change after a few minutes like the delta it shows 7 hours but after a while it shows between 9-11 hours and this small may show 3-5 hours after a while instead of 2 hours but still good to have one of these units. The only thing that I noticed is that this unit is not in dark gray color like in the picture, it's actually in black color like a little darker then the delta and I will like it more if it had the same color as the delta but doesn't bother me that much. All-in-all these is still an interesting product to own and I may buy the extra battery for it on a later date and will focus on buying a solar panel instead. Also before I forget this unit also uses the same charger as the delta. Update: I decided to test this out with a tv since that's what people like or would like to see. So a 32inch 1080p tv and a nvidia shield tv with external hard drives connected to it both devices connected to this unit and it estimated time is about 10 hours not bad right, honestly I don't regret this purchase.

Easy to set up and use. Well designed and made.

The ECOFLOW RIVER Pro Portable Power Station is easy and fun to use along with the ECOFLOW 110W Portable Solar Panel. Once connected to either the solar panel or to AC, on the Power Station display, the charge can be easily monitored. Early testing shows that this is a well designed and made durable product. This can provide enough wattage for our coffee maker and a number of other devices, including a circulator pump for a hot water system. The station will collect energy and turn off automatically when it is done. The internal logic pretty much takes care of everything else. One note, the cooling fan stays on while plugged into the AC power supply even when the battery is fully charged. Just unplug to turn off the fan.

Quick charge, great product

I love the quick charge! So far the power station works great.